Each of my clients is unique and I adore them all! They have shared their experiences, and I’m so grateful that I was able to help them.

Theresa B: “I love Lori and think she is wonderful. I think we were both caught off guard by the in-depth medical reading, as we were both not expecting that. She was very spot on with everything she said.”

Robin D: “I have already received my own confirmation that you are ‘for real,’ for want of a better term. I understand that your talents and gifts are God-given, and that you have worked to develop them for good reasons. Your gifts are from the Light.”

Sandra J: “Thank you so much for your reading. You are so spot on in so many areas. I am amazed and very grateful. You have put my mind at ease in so many ways, and also answered so many questions that the doctors couldn’t!”

Catherine C: “Thank you so much, Lori! You are dead on with gluten, of which I am aware. I think I’ve done so much damage from gluten I just can’t seem to recover. It has been a journey, for sure. I just started antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, which you saw. Trippy!”

JD Sangster: “Lori is a life-long psychic medium and medical intuitive. She uses her hard-earned skills and god-given talents to help her clients on a daily basis. She often volunteers her time as the lead medium and psychic consultant for the paranormal investigation and spiritual crisis intervention group, Houston Ghost Research.

She has a private clientele for which she consults and guides using the extensive base of knowledge and experience she’s built up over a lifetime of being a spiritual sensitive. She can assist with medical consultation for difficult diagnoses, offer practical advice, consult on nutrition or diet, or offer a range of psychic services and consultations. Visit her website at LoneStarMedium.com to schedule a casual no-stress consultation.”
JD Sangster, Founder Blue Rose Alchemy and Houston Ghost Research.

RD, Little Rock, AR: (Health and Wellness Scan) “I have never considered paying for a “psychic reading” before. I have never had a reason to think that I would get any truth or real results from doing this. You are different. I also needed you to know that I value what you do. It is important to me that you know that I really do value your gifts.”

JP, Sugarland, TX: (Personal Reading) “As I tell you the way things are transpiring with my boyfriend and I, I find myself shocked still at your accuracy! It blows his mind and mine! There are things that happen and I remind myself, ‘Lori said this would happen.’ The same with my boyfriend. One instance he said, ‘Didn’t Lori say this would happen?’ We are both pretty amazed.”

Sarah, North Carolina: (Health and Wellness Scan) “Thank you so much! You are dead on. You have won me over, which doesn’t happen often with intuitives.”

Trisha, Tomball, TX: (Paranormal Consultation) “I feel so lucky to have Lori in my life. She has brought a level of peace that allows me to keep moving and never be scared in my own home. If you are experiencing a feeling of being watched, your dog is acting strange and staring at nothing, lights are flickering, or you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye, then you may have company, too. Lori’s approach is calm, gentle, and the sense of peace and understanding is remarkable. After one visit you have your answer and how to overcome the situation.”

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