The Andrew Awakening

It’s not often you meet someone who completely blows the lid off your perfect little world. The one you have worked on building, rearranging and tweaking until it’s just so. You think you have it all figured out, and then WHAMO! In walks someone who takes that cute little package you’ve put together for yourself and rips off all the ribbons, bows and wrapping paper, and then dumps it all over the ground in front of you. Oh, the skills that you’ve acquired in that little box are still there, but next to this person they look like toys that have spilled out of a toddler’s crumpled paper bag.

I had the immense pleasure of talking with Andrew Keith, Master of All Things Energy, Tool of the Divine, Healer, Seer, Exorcist, Jack of All Non-physical Trades. (Andrew, if you’re reading this, remember – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m beholding.)

I met Andrew this past Sunday during a podcast interview that I have the honor of co-hosting on occasion, (Higher Consciousness Radio, presented by Houston Ghost Research and James Sangster, Founder of HGR). This all came about one day as I sat at my desk with nothing much left to do for the day. I tend to contemplate life, the gifts with which we’re each endowed, and I wonder why there are so few people like me. As a medical medium, I have been on the Net to check out other medical mediums to see how they work and, well, learn their definition of “medical medium.”

In my internet traversing, I have run across those who use basic intuition and heavy medical knowledge to target a problem and then suggest herbal supplements and alternative medical treatments. These types are plentiful. But where were the ones like me, who literally see what’s going on inside someone’s body? Where were the folks who feel energy with their hands and physical bodies? And if I did find someone who does even close to what I do, why are they not also reading the energy of homes, talking to pets, hearing spirits talking to them, or having vivid, informative dreams from their guides? I gotta tell ya, I began feeling like a freak and all my childhood insecurities of being different because dead people talked to me came flooding to the surface.

This all changed a few weeks ago. I got the itch to search the web again for others like me. I pulled out my laptop and typed in the search bar, “Medical Medium.” Up popped Andrew Keith, Psychic Medium. Not an exact match, but I was intrigued enough to peruse his site. I began seeing words like, “born a natural channel and psychic,” (to which I excitedly thought, “that’s me!”). Further, I read that he does house clearings, entity removals, psychic readings, medical intuition, (ding ding ding…we have a winner!), animal communication, and the list went on. I felt like I was reading my own bio. Mind blown! Had I really found someone who does what I do? Would he even consider coming on the show for a podcast interview? Would James be interested in talking to someone like him? I had to ask.

James was completely on board, so I wasted no time getting in contact with Andrew, who I was sure would be much too busy to take time out of his life for a podcast interview. On February 25, 2018, I fired off an email to test the waters and ask for a meeting, and I closed my browser. That same day I received his response agreeing to do the show and wanting more details. My jaw dropped. Several more emails changed hands before we actually did the podcast. I was thrilled!

On Sunday, March 25th, we met via telephone and conducted our interview. I had a few questions ready for him; questions I thought were honest, thoughtful and provocative. But as he began addressing my first question, “At what age did you realize you were different?” or something along those lines, I realized I had met my match and was at a loss for what to ask next. I found myself captivated, not only by his responses but by his energy.

It’s a crazy thing to be psychic, to feel other people’s energy, hear their thoughts, and see images in the mind’s eye as you’re having a conversation with a normal person in the physical world. It’s even crazier to talk with someone whose energy vortex merges with yours as you’re trying to carry on an interview and stay grounded. As I looked around my own energy body, the entire space around me was wide open. I had gone from what I would describe as watching a movie on a screen in front of me in my mind’s eye to sitting in 360-degree-screen theater. It was like being inside a tornado, watching all the thoughts, feelings, images and emotions fly around me at lightning speed. This was new. And I wanted more.

I have to confess that I don’t remember much of what was discussed, as I was lost in the whirlwind of psychic awareness that was spinning circles around me. (I actually never remember any of the readings I do, because I’m accessing a different dimension when I’m in my zone.) While my ears and mouth were conducting that interview, the real me, the aware me was mesmerized by this playground just out of my physical reach.

We finally finished our discussion and said our goodbyes. We all agreed to keep in touch, aware of what a truly rare experience we had just encountered.

I can’t speak for Andrew or James, but it took me quite a while to ground myself after we hung up. I felt like I was going to lift up off the pavement if I took a step. I literally felt I was losing control of my physical body as I tried to walk and not look drunk. I suppose in a way I was drunk – I was under the influence of Spirit. I was high on pure energy. And what an amazing high it was!

The one important thing I gleaned from this hour-long interview was something Andrew said, and it has reverberated in my thoughts almost constantly since: “Get out of your own way.” How simple! But how profound.

I’ve decided to completely unpack my box of gifts and I’m throwing away the package. There are only so many things you can put into a box before it is full. I don’t want to fill it up. I want to fully open my awareness to Spirit and allow every experience and every nuance that Spirit wants to send my way. I have informed my guides and helpers to not hold back. To let ‘er rip! I know I’m always safe, always protected, and now I’m always ready to grow and take on new and exciting challenges.

Let the ride begin.

Please feel free to listen to our podcast of Andew’s interview on Higher Consciousness Radio.

PS – Thank you, Andy.

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