True Stories of a Medical Intuitive: A No-Rules Approach to Psychic Readings

I wrote this book to show you how we are all connected through energy tethers, that there are no boundaries where love and energy are concerned, and that there is more out there than just the world we see.

True Stories is filled cover to cover with real-life experiences of from my own childhood, and shares stories of my actual clients with their feedback. You will read about how I came into my gifts, with detailed explanations of what I experience as a psychic and medium and how I developed my ability of Remote Viewing.

Explore real case files, journey into the haunted unknown, and learn how I helped change the lives of the people I helped along the way.

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Help! I’m Haunted! Ghost Hunter’s Edition

This book is a MUST READ for anyone living in a house they think might be haunted, or anyone in a paranormal investigation group.

Help! I’m Haunted! is a common-sense guide written both for families that are dealing with a possible haunting, something that can be a stressful and frightening situation, and the investigative groups springing up around the country, who are trying to learn to help these families in crisis. The author shares 10+ years of experience in dealing with hauntings, ghosts and paranormal groups.

There are several good books on the market that give you the basics of how to start a paranormal investigation group, how to run the technical equipment, etc., but they don’t teach you what to do once you’ve grabbed the tiger by the tail. That’s exactly what this book addresses. The author skips over the technical information, which can be found in abundance elsewhere, and gets right to the heart of the tough questions. What are ghosts? Can they hurt you? What are the signs of a haunting, especially a dangerous one? How does one handle kids and hauntings? How should one deal with the spirit and coach the family through recovery?

If you’re living in a haunted house and you’re not sure what to do, this book is written specifically with you in mind. Get experienced guidance from an investigator with years of experience and expertise in helping families dealing with these phenomena. Learn how to handle the situation yourself, or how to evaluate an investigative group or medium to see if they know what they’re talking about, or if they’re just trying to take you for a ride.

*Note: Even if you don’t own a kindle. You can use the Kindle app for mobile devices or for your home PC to read this book.

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