Until January 1, 2019, I am offering selected readings at one low price; some will remain the same.  After the beginning of the year prices and all readings will resume. The end of the year is a busy time for all of us, so I have pared down my offerings. Please feel free to send questions on my Comments page and I’ll respond usually within a day (excluding weekends).

I require a photo and prepayment for each of the readings. I try to have them back within a week, depending on how things get scheduled. Thank you for shopping and I look forward to working with you. Please note in your PayPal Payment buyer message block which service(s) you are purchasing.

$50 Each – Readings:

  • Three Questions – Any topic you choose. Keep in mind that I do not deal with questions that are about the future, although I am pretty accurate out to about six months. If you have questions about your job, people in your life, etc, then please feel free to ask.
  • Health Reading – One Area of Concern – Health Scans are very time exhaustive. There is a lot of focus and energy exchange that takes place, so I am still offering the same quality readings, but this reading will only focus on one area of concern. (Regular price for a full body scan is $150, to resume after January 1, 2019).
  • Energy Body Clearing – I will clear your energy body, typically the place from where most physical problems stem. This includes an initial energy reading and then clearing. Most of my clients have had very good outcomes with their physical symptoms from the energy body clearings.
  • Curse/Hex/Blockage Removal – If you feel you have been cursed, hexed or have blockages preventing you from moving forward in a given situation, this is the selection for you. Please email your concern before you choose this service so we’re both sure about what we’re working with and if I can help you.
  • Departed Loved Ones Reading $50.00 USD


Regular Prices to Resume January 1, 2019

Hex and Curse Removal $75.00 USD

Three-Question Reading $50 USD

Home and Space Clearing $150.00 USD

New Home Reading $100.00 USD

Departed Loved Ones Reading $50.00 USD

Spiritual Mediation/Counseling $75.00 USD

30-Minute Chat $50.00 USD

Missing Person Reading $100.00 USD

Hex and Curse Reversal $75.00 USD