March Madness!

Please feel free to take 30% off any reading ($50 or more) through March 31st, 2019.  To claim your 30% discount, message me on my Contact Page and tell me which reading you would like and I will send an invoice reflecting your discount.

Don’t forget to send a pic so I can connect for your reading!


*NEW*  Dream Interpretation $50  Are relentless recurring dreams plaguing you and you don't know why? Are people showing up in your dreams who have left this world? Do you wake up with night sweats from a terrifying dream? I can help. Most all dreams, with the exception of a very few, are messages that our deep subconscious is trying to get us to understand through sometimes frightening imagery. Other times, we may be plagued by a restless spirit trying to get our attention while we're most vulnerable. In any case, I will get to the bottom of your dreams and help you revolve them once and for all. (Photo and prepayment required.)

Service Descriptions

Health and Wellness Reading $150  I will examine your energy body and physical body head to toe and email you a full report with recommendations to help your issues or refer you to an appropriate specialist. This service can take up to two hours of intense focus and concentration, but you needn’t do anything on your end for the reading to take place. In many cases I can clear the discordant energy to promote healing, ($25 extra charge – you will be given the opportunity at the end of your reading to purchase the extra clearing on this service, if needed).

Departed Loved Ones Reading $50 Gift yourself, a family member, or friend a Departed Loved One Reading. It’s always a perfect time of year to reconnect with those who are waiting for us on the other side. They tend to stay close to us but particularly so during special occasions or during difficult hardships. They’re just a thought away.

3 Question Reading $30 Any topic you choose, except health-related discussions. Please see Health and Wellness Scan for health questions. Keep in mind that I do not deal with questions that are about the future, although I am pretty accurate out to about six months. If you have questions about your job, people in your life, etc, then please feel free to ask.

Curse/Hex Removal $75 If you feel you have been cursed, hexed or have blockages preventing you from moving forward in a given situation, this is the selection for you. Please email your concern before you choose this service so we’re both sure about what we’re working with and if I can help you.

Spirit Mediation / Spiritual Counseling $75  I will discuss your paranormal concerns and make contact with the offending party, if necessary, to resolve your concern. I will also guide you in how to take back your home and keep it free from intruders.

Missing Persons Reading $75  There is nothing more heartbreaking and agonizing than a missing person. With a photo I will tell you whether or not your loved one is still with us on this earth or has crossed over. I have had very good results with locating missing people.

**Energy Body Correction $100 I will clear your energy body, typically the place from where most physical problems stem. This includes an initial energy reading and then clearing. Most of my clients have had very good outcomes with their physical symptoms from the energy body clearings.

Please read the disclaimer below:

**Disclaimer Regarding Energy Body Service – I am legally obligated to post this disclaimer, especially when the word “healing” is used in any form of the work I do.

I am not a medical doctor. Although I have had amazing results in the healing of a person’s energy with my clients, I DO NOT GUARANTEE that every client will receive the same results or any results as a result of the energy exchange during an Energy Correction Session.

To that end, I have not experienced a client who has not received some degree of physical benefit as a result of their energy being corrected, but in the event the energy is not corrected or transformed, it is my obligation to post this disclaimer.

The work is always done, but the desired effects may be delayed or do not happen at all due to other factors at work in the physical, mental or energy bodies of the client.

By purchasing an Energy Correction, you are agreeing to this disclaimer. I do not issue refunds for work that has been performed, however, I will consider offering another service of equal or lesser value in lieu of a refund. After purchasing this service, you will be reminded of this disclaimer so as not to have any confusion of what an Energy Correction entails.