All of my work is done remotely – I do not have to be in your personal space to perform my services. I offer phone readings, as well.

If you don’t find a service you need, please contact me.

Once you have made your selection, click on the drop-down menu below to purchase your reading. Photos are required for each reading I do. I use the photo to connect with the energy of the person or space. (Scroll down for a description of services.)


·         House and Space Clearing – $150       Remote visit to the space where I see the entirety of the home or space. I perform an energetic clearing of the entire space and replace any stagnant or non-beneficial energies that were removed with light-infused energy. A blessing is performed on the space at the end of the clearing. The client is educated in space clearing for maintenance cleansing.

·         Entity Removal – $100      Using remote viewing, I visit the space and identify the entity. A dialogue will be opened if the entity is amenable. If the entity is a human spirit, encouragement is offered to assist in crossing the spirit into Light. If the spirit resists, angelic assistance is invited to escort the spirit into the Light. If the entity is non-human, angelic assistance will be invoked to return the entity to its source. Portals are closed if any are found, and a blessing is performed on the space once the space is cleared. The client is educated in space clearing to maintain a clean environment. Please listen to “The Haunting of Jack” podcast for a real-life story of how a young boy was de-possessed using remote work. (In severe circumstances a home visit can be arranged in the Houston, TX area only.)

·         Curse and Hex Removal – $75      The energy of the curse/hex is removed remotely and replaced with healing energy. If energy portals were opened in the spirit body, they will be healed and sealed with white light and love. Protection is assigned to the host (client) to prevent future incidents. Counseling and education is provided to prevent future assaults.

·         New Home Readings – $100      This service is geared toward realtors and/or potential home-buyers. With remote viewing, the home or business space is checked for discordant energies and, if found, the space is cleared. This is particularly useful for older homes, homes or offices located in remote areas, and low-priced, “too-good-to-be-true” homes. If your new home feels “off” or not quite right, please consider this service. The client will be educated in performing maintenance clearings.

·         Departed Loved Ones Reading – $50      Reconnect with your departed loved ones. Please visit my Blog and read “Hand of the Beekeeper.” This is an example of one of my more assertive departed clients. He continues to lovingly interact with me to this day.

·         Health and Wellness Readings – $150      This is a detailed and time-exhaustive service where I, using remote viewing, examine every part of your body and auric body (energy field) from the largest of organs to the smallest of cells. If I find anything during the reading, I will include this in my report along with my recommendations and/or referrals to the appropriate medical professionals. My book, “True Stories of a Medical Intuitive” chronicles several of the more interesting readings I have performed over the last couple of years.

·         Three-question Reading – $50      Ask any three questions you wish. I offer one free follow-up email for clarifications purposes only, (no new topics in the email clarification, please).

·         30-Minute Live Phone Chat – $50 (Mondays and Wednesdays Only)      Thirty minutes of uninterrupted chat time on any topics you choose. Phone chats available by appointment only.

·         NEW SERVICE: Missing Person Reading – $100/hr        With a photo of the missing person, I will consult with you to give you information such as last whereabouts, whether your person is still alive, safe, or if it was their choice to leave (runaways), and any other pertinent details that I find. The $100 fee is for up to the first hour, regardless if the sessions lasts the full hour. An additional $25 is required for up to each 15 minutes thereafter if the case goes over an hour.

Spiritual Mediation/Counseling 30 Minutes – $75      This service is designed to help bring guidance and understanding into stressful or difficult situations. Sometimes all we need is a different way of seeing things to resolve even the most difficult problems. Education in prayer and angelic invocation included.