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NEW! Spirit Body Reading ($49.00)

I am once again offering a Spirit Body Reading. This is my most favorite reading to do, mostly because of the vast amount of information that I can pick up on. I will look at your entire spirit body, (auric body), all energy centers (chakras), where I look for spirit attachments, breaches in your energy body, blockages in your energy centers, and I describe what each affected energy center controls within the physical body. I also offer suggestions on how to unblock these centers. If you are feeling “off” or can’t find a physical reason for why you’re not feeling yourself, please consider this Spirit Body Reading.


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I live a crazy life! I’ve been blessed with the ability to literally see inside your body, to see and feel spirit energy, and to hear the deceased talk to me. Most mediums get one, maybe two of these gifts, but I somehow got them all. I believe in using the gifts we are given to our fullest potential, and I’ve chosen to help people – to help you! 

Whether you have a health issue, lost someone you love, or just need some guidance, let me work with you. I keep everything we discuss strictly confidential, so you can feel safe in talking with me.

*Regarding any of the readings below, any topic goes! But for any and all health-related questions, please understand that it takes a good amount of time and energy to do a health reading, so feel free to take advantage of the Health and Wellness Scan for your health-related questions.*

Health and Wellness Scan $50 USD  This is where I look at every part of your body, inside and out, from the smallest of cells to every organ and everything in between. I will share with you everything I find and, if needed, I’ll recommend solutions or refer you to an appropriate specialist. If all you need is a general health reading, just let me know. But, if you have something specific you want me to hone in on, tell me that, too, so we can get to the bottom of what it is that bothering you. Please make sure you send me an image of yourself  ( so I can connect with your energy. I don’t share your photo with anyone. It’s just how your energy becomes available to me.

With this reading, I can also tell you if there is a spiritual problem, such as a spirit attachment or problems with energy flow that is affecting your mental health. Just ask.

Please read my disclaimer in full:
In purchasing a Health and Wellness Report, you agree to and understand that I am not a medical professional. The Health and Wellness Reading you are purchasing is by no means a form of diagnosis in part or in whole, and your purchase of this Health and Wellness Scan confirms your agreement with the terms set forth. Any information you receive from this report is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute a medical diagnosis.  Any actions you, the members or your family, or anyone else interested in the care of the receiver of this health and wellness report take, based on the information you have received regarding the scan,
 is your sole responsibility. Lone Star Medium nor its subsidiaries shall be held responsible for any actions you take as a result of your information-only reading.

Departed Loved One Reading (Photo required) $40.00 USD  Our friends and family on the other side have a way of setting up these readings long before we actually get to talk. They see the big picture and, on several occasions, have started the ball rolling so they can talk with their loved ones (you!) or get a message across. If you’re reading this, it’s your cue to take the hint. If you have specific questions, or if their passing was of a questionable nature, let me help. You won’t be disappointed! Please make sure you send me an image of your loved one so I can connect with their energy. I don’t share their photo with anyone. It’s just how their energy becomes available to me.

​If you have lost a beloved pet, this is for you, too! Pets are generally very chatty and their personalities come through in the form of pictures and feelings.

Three-Question Reading (photo required)​ $30.00 Ask me any three simple questions you want! Please avoid general questions like, “What’s the meaning of life,” or “What does my future hold.” I need something to hone in on and there’s SO much information available in the Universe that we need to be a little specific in the questions. I’m just a click away! Let’s get started. 🙂 Please make sure you send me an image of yourself so I can connect with your energy. I don’t share your photo with anyone. It’s just how your energy becomes available to me.

30-Minute Internet (Google Hangouts) Chat (Photo Required) $35.00 You will love this reading! We get to talk for 30 minutes about anything you want. If you type fast, you can work in a lot of questions on any topics you choose. You can also send your questions to me ahead of time, and we can discuss them at your appointment time. Don’t give me too much information or background stories. It can influence the reading. Please make sure you send me an image of yourself so I can connect with your energy. I don’t share your photo with anyone. It’s just how your energy becomes available to me.

Can’t Afford a Reading?

I understand probably better than anyone that there are times when life is just too much to handle and finances can be a real problem. If this is you, don’t let this stop you from getting help. I will work with you through a donation basis. Just let me know what you need and what you can afford. We’ll go from there.

If you have received a reading and wish to show your appreciation above what you have already purchased, please feel free to do so here. Your gift is sincerely appreciated.

Other Services:

Clearing and Removal of Hexes, Bindings and Curses

I am offering these services because there are so many people in my area who live in cultures that are plagued by these phenomena. It is my belief that no one human being has the right to stop another human from living his or her path in this life. Restricting someone from being who they are is, to me, inhumane and cruel.

My philosophy regarding readings and the services I offer is that there are NO RULES. Everywhere you go, everything you read on the internet regarding spiritual work tells you there are rules for this and protocols for that. To that I say hogwash! I am very effective at letting Spirit guide me in the way in which a curse, hex or binding should be reversed or removed, and my methods are very effective. Rules limit the imagination and prevent our Spirit Guides and Helpers on the other side from being able to clearly communicate what needs to be done to free a person from restrictions such as these.

If you live in the Houston area and believe you have been attacked in any of these ways, please contact me immediately. This type of work must be done in person, so at the moment I am only working in the Houston and surrounding areas.

I accept donations on a trust basis for this service based on what you feel your freedom is worth, and on your income. I don’t believe in taking advantage of people in crisis, so your fee is what you determine it to be. You may pay in advance via Paypal or in cash on our visit.

Please don’t waste another moment. Contact me now so we can remove your restriction and free you from your attacker.