Other Services

Clearing and Removal of Hexes, Bindings and Curses

I am offering these services because there are so many people in my area who live in cultures that are plagued by these phenomena. It is my belief that no one human being has the right to stop another human from living his or her path in this life. Restricting someone from being who they are is, to me, inhumane and cruel.

My philosophy regarding readings and the services I offer is that there are NO RULES. Everywhere you go, everything you read on the internet regarding spiritual work tells you there are rules for this and protocols for that. To that I say hogwash! I am very effective at letting Spirit guide me in the way in which a curse, hex or binding should be reversed or removed, and my methods are very effective. Rules limit the imagination and prevent our Spirit Guides and Helpers on the other side from being able to clearly communicate what needs to be done to free a person from restrictions such as these.

If you live in the Houston area and believe you have been attacked in any of these ways, please contact me immediately. This type of work must be done in person, so at the moment I am only working in the Houston and surrounding areas.

I accept donations on a trust basis for this service based on what you feel your freedom is worth, and on your income. I don’t believe in taking advantage of people in crisis, so your fee is what you determine it to be. You may pay in advance via Paypal or in cash on our visit.

Please don’t waste another moment. Contact me now so we can remove your restriction and free you from your attacker.