A Rogue Spirit

When it rains, it pours.

I had the immense pleasure of doing several readings over the past week involving departed loved ones. It seems when I do just one of these readings, word gets out on the other side and suddenly I’m inundated with people wanting readings for their living loved ones. Departed readings are truly my most favorite and the most rewarding for me.

But, every once in a while I’ll get a rogue spirit who starts sending me messages with no living person around (that I know of) who is supposed to receive the message. Since I have a public forum (you), I thought I would post my Rogue Reading here and maybe it will be someone you recognize.

This message comes to me from a male spirit. He showed up a couple of days before I did a reading for my friend’s daughter, who wanted to connect with her grandmother. The reading went beautifully, and a long-lost uncle even crashed the party to seek an audience for his sister who, in life, was not mentally all together. She caused some pain and heartache, and alienated her family. She was simply there with deep sorrow for her actions and only wanted forgiveness, which she received.

Back to our very insistent male spirit. I was gifted with a deck of Messenger Cards (by James Van Praagh). I have never had to use cards to assist in a reading, but since I had them I figured I would give them a shot. During my reading with my friend’s daughter, this one card kept creeping in: “I’m Not Dead.” Ironically, this was the same thing I had been randomly hearing for a couple of days beforehand. Not only was I hearing these words, but lyrics in songs, “I’m Alive,” (“All Around Me” by Flyleaf), and “I’m Still Alive,” (by Pearl Jam). He was even invading my dreams, just speaking the words, “I’m alive.” Since I had no-one to receive his message, I kind of blew him off and tried to ignore him.

I finally caved. I asked him to tell me what was going on, what he wanted to say, and promised I would post his message in a public place so maybe his family or friends would read his words and reach out to me for a conversation.

“My name’s Bobby, (I can’t verify this, and I’m admittedly terrible at getting names, so I’ll just go with what I’m hearing).

He continued: “I didn’t think there was anything left after being alive in my body. I swear I thought when we died, we would just stop existing. I didn’t have any reason to believe in anything more because, seriously, where was there any proof?

I got super down in my life, feeling really exhausted with the whole ‘living’ thing. I didn’t really have anyone close that I felt like cared about me, (I was wrong), and things in life just kept getting worse, (his exact words were ‘took a crap’). I felt like there wasn’t anything more I could do to make my life work, and since I didn’t believe that anything would happen if I died, then I would just end it. No harm, no foul.

I was so wrong. When I woke up again, I was pretty floored. Really floored. There were people all around me, and they looked concerned and hurt for me. I felt like I let them down. But really, I let myself down by checking out early. And I literally felt all the people who were shocked by my decision. It was kinda like when a rock star takes his own life, the whole earth seems to quake at the sudden loss. Well, I’m not a rock star, but I did feel the same terrible ache that those people I left behind felt.

I want my mom to know I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know about all this life after death stuff. Mom always prayed, but I just didn’t see the point or the proof, so I never got into it, I guess. My dad wasn’t around, so not sure what to say about that. Doubt he knows I made the big jump.

Little sis is really bad off. Hoping to God she doesn’t follow in my footsteps. I guess I really just want her to know I’m Still Alive. IF she’s thinking about doing what I did, beg her not to. She has so much more to do before it’s her turn to come to this place.

I guess that’s all I have to say. Thanks for hearing me out.”

If you know someone this story fits, please put them in contact with me. I’d love to reunite Bobby with his loved ones.

And Then I Dreamed

I’ve been experimenting over the past year or two on “correcting” the energy balance in people which, in many cases, has a happy side-effect of physical benefits in the form of healing or some level of physical improvement. I had no idea what profound effects it would have on the people who have sought out my help or why I could suddenly and seemingly be able to help people in this way.

But let me explain why I think this is possible.

Several years ago, I suffered a torn rotator cuff only one day before leaving on vacation to California for a family reunion. I had zero time to have the needed surgical repair done before I hopped on the plane, and there was no way I was canceling my plans. I would have to just suck it up and live on pain medications until I could return to Houston.

As you know, I’m a medium. I talk to those on the other side of the veil, both during my waking hours, but also in my dreams when they seek me out for chats. I had just been to a James Van Praagh event here in town, so perhaps he was already on my mind when this particular dream took place. In the dream I was on stage giving a presentation and doing readings for the audience, when the show began winding down. Just then, I scanned over the audience and saw, to my delight, James Van Praagh. I motioned to him to wait where he was and I would be down in a moment to meet him.

When I approached him, we engaged in a quiet yet delightful conversation; so quiet, in fact that no words were exchanged, as happens in so many of these types of (visitation) dreams. During our chat he looked at my shoulder, and I explained what had happened. At that moment he leaned his forehead close to mine and the brightest white blinding light shot out between our foreheads. I had no idea what it was, but I was astounded, (mostly at the fact that I got to meet Mr. Van Praagh!).

When I went to bed that night, and all the time since the injury, I was not able to lift my arm at all. Any movement of my injured arm had to be done actively – that is, I had to use my right arm and reach over to lift the left. I could feel the joint wiggling inside my shoulder as if it was going to fall out of place if I removed my arm support strap. This was a bad injury.

And then I dreamed.

The next morning I woke up feeling so happy about my dream. And I had a thought. What if that dream was real? What if I had been the unwitting recipient of healing by a spirit entity disguised as James? I had asked for a quick recovery before going to bed, but a healing? It seemed too good to be true. I had to test it. Still in my pajamas, my hair disheveled and messy from just getting out of bed, I stood still and attempted to raise the injured arm. To my shock and disbelief I was able to lift it three inches from my side on its own power! Each day brought more and more improvement, and by the end of about 2 weeks I was able to raise my arm completely over my head, and I had better range of motion than before I was inured!

Which brings me back to my story about correcting energy. It’s my feeling that the healing energy that I was given that night in my sleep has become a part of my own energy. It is how I’m able to connect with anyone and simply will myself (or the powers that be) to correct their energy to optimal for that person. I do feel energy leaving my hands; I feel vibrancy around me; I feel almost high. And when I feel the energy around me returning to normal, I accept that the work is done, and I let my client know what took place and how soon they can expect this energy work to filter to the physical body. Most people will, after a few days, feel better energy around them. In some cases, the physical body changes and health improves.

Before we use the “H” word (healing; healer) let’s be very clear. I do not consider what I do to be healing. It’s nothing more than manipulating energy, which sometimes has a potential to affect the physical body, depending on the openness of the client, their willingness to accept the energy work, and their belief systems. I am only working on the energetic plane.

(Now, where were we?  Oh, yes!) While the energy work is being done, I use my pendulum to monitor the progress. When it stops rotating, I know I’m done. This is when I ask how long it will take for the energy work to be filter down to the physical plane, and I pass this information along to the client.

Please understand that my pendulum is only a tool. It does not do any of the work. It simply measures the amount of energy exchange that is taking place at a given time. It indicates to me that work is being done. And it gives me a visual answer, yes or no, when I ask if it is appropriate and beneficial for me to work on a client’s energy field. (If I am not given the green light to perform work on someone, they are notified and given the option of a refund or another service.) The healing comes from the forces at work in the Universe – not my pendulum.

I would have never considered offering energy manipulation as a service, but I began thinking about the other work I do. If I can see energy with my eyes, feel it with my body, if I can remove hexes and curses, and cause the dreamless to dream again, which is all nothing more than energy work, why can’t I correct discordant energy?

I discussed this with one of my close friends, and she enthusiastically volunteered as a test subject for her own recently-injured shoulder. I worked my mojo on her with the intent to correct her body’s energy structure to normal for her. We finished our visit and I returned to work. Three days later, she excitedly called me to let me know that she could raise her arm up, and that her doctor no longer felt the need to continue treating her arm! I was pretty floored, myself. Several other practice sessions followed on different volunteers, all with the same amazing results.

I can’t explain why I deserve to have these wonderful abilities, and I won’t ask. I’m simply grateful and humbled that I am allowed to help people in what seems to be miraculous ways.

If you have a concern you need help with, whether it’s a desire to connect with a departed loved one, if you have a health issue that doctor’s have not been able to pinpoint, or if you simply want help correcting your energy to bring yourself back to an optimal state, please reach out to me or visit my Services page.

Thank you for reading, and God bless.


The Pineal Paradox

The pineal gland is said to be the master gland of the body. For the physical body it produces hormones that control other glands, including growth and melatonin production. This small, seemingly insignificant little ball of human tissue is situated almost center in the brain. But what does it do really?

Many spiritualists claim that the pineal gland is the Gateway to the Universe, The Third Eye, and even The Seat of the Holy Spirit. Well, I don’t know about any of that, but I can share with you my experience as a Remote Viewer and Medium. When accessed through meditation, the pineal gland can open doors to alternate realities.

Every once in a while I get some down time, and for whatever reason I was interested in researching the pineal gland. I ran across a YouTube video in which a documentary described taking a tour of the universe via the pineal gland. It described being able to access multiple dimensions through this little space via meditation. Intrigued, I decided I would try.

The one thing you should know about me, and something I encourage everyone to do, (within reason), is that when I realize something is possible, something I may not have ever considered or imagined before, I will give it a try! I live by the mantra that there are no rules – that we are only limited by the boundaries of our own imaginations. (A word of caution – while I try not to live by the rules – I find them terribly restrictive – I do protect myself in the event I run across energies that might not agree with me on the whole no-rules belief.) That being said…

After watching most of the video I decided I had to try this technique. That afternoon, when I knew I could get some quiet time for a few minutes, I closed my eyes and remoted into my own brain. I’ve done enough body scans and remote viewing consultations to recognize when I have actually made contact with my target. This was no different. I was inside my own head, (something I’m often accused of – quite a lot happens in there!). But as I was looking around I could not find that little glob of cells. I looked everywhere! Exasperated, I finally looked down at my feet. I was standing on it! As soon as I realized that it was just beneath me, I instantly dropped down inside of it, a-la Alice in Wonderland. This is where the fun started.

As I began examining the inside of this space, I didn’t notice anything particularly striking. It was small, enclosed and dark. Just then, I saw a window begin forming in front of me. This window opened to the size of a full wall-sized picture window that opened to the view of a beautiful grassy, green meadow. Behind the meadow, off in the distance, was a mountain range.  I felt that I should attempt to move through the window and into the meadow, so I did.

I found myself walking up a small, velvety-green hill where I came upon a quaint little farmhouse. In the front yard was a young boy, maybe about 11 years old, with blonde hair and bright, inquisitive blue eyes. He was standing beside a large wooden cable spool – the kind you would make into a rustic table. I didn’t see what he was tinkering with, but as I gazed on him I felt immense love and adoration. Somewhere deep inside I felt like I was watching myself but in another lifetime, perhaps another dimension.

Once I came to that realization I was immediately pulled back inside the small, dark room. The window began to move to the left where another window appeared right behind it with a completely different scene. I felt that I wanted to explore this one, as well, but the window didn’t stop for me. The wall of windows began revolving slowly at first, as if to tease me with the varying exploration possibilities. And then the wall started to spin faster and faster, the windows becoming smaller and more compact the faster the wall spun. Within moments, all I could see in front of me was a solid, dark wall.

Three things became crystal clear to me. First, I was reminded about our molecular structure – how molecules are made mostly of empty space, and that we and the “solid” world around us is merely an illusion. Next, I was shown that, via the pineal gland, we have access to infinite realities. And finally, I understood that all of these realities were happening at the same time. There was no linear time. All of my lives, all of my limitless possibilities are happening right now. This, for me, blew the cap off the paradigm of past and future lives.

This isn’t necessarily a new concept for me. I had seen two different movies about children who had died and come back to life to describe their experiences. One in particular was “Heaven is for Real.” In it, the young boy described a scene while he was in heaven where everything was happening at once – the war between heaven and hell, for instance, which is documented in biblical history to have happened before the earth was ever formed.

There is really quite a lot more I’d love to discuss, but I’ll save some for other blog posts – topics such as Quantum Jumping, (jumping between other dimensions), and tapping into our other dimensional realities to download their traits to use in our current reality, etc. I hope you’ll keep checking back for these juicy nuggets.

I probably got off topic a little, but I would encourage you to do your own pineal experimentation. Send me your experiences. I would love to read about them and explore this topic from the perspective of others, like you!

Until then, happy exploring.

The Closet Monster Conundrum

Historically, children have been known to possess wild imaginations. They fear the bumps in the dark, the witches under the bed, and the monsters in the closet. Parents write their fears off as overactive imaginations and soothe their fussy children back to sleep, telling them it was all just a scary dream.

But what if those monsters are real?

I was recently contacted by a family to look over their house using remote viewing. The homeowners had lost their previous home to Hurricane Harvey and eventually moved into what they felt was their dream home. But shortly after moving in they felt something was not quite right.

Shantel and Conrad expressed concerns over not feeling at home in their new dream house. She felt like someone was watching her in the kitchen, the stairway to the upstairs felt “unnerving,” and their 18-month-old daughter was not sleeping at night and woke several times with night terrors. They heard knocks coming from places they couldn’t identify, smelled smoke where there was no source for the odor, and noticed unintelligible voices throughout the home. This was enough to convince me to at least take a peek.

I asked Shantel to forward photos of the inside and outside of her home, which she quickly did. After my remote viewing assessment, I promptly responded to her concerns. I told her I felt pretty comfortable throughout her home, but there were a few places that had me rattled, specifically the master bathroom. While there is much more to her story, perhaps in an upcoming book, I’ve chosen to share only the most menacing entity I encountered during my visit.

First off, the house was plopped down in the middle of the woods, as were all the homes in her pristine, storybook neighborhood. I let her know that when the land was disturbed, it would be likely that some of the energies associated with that land might have been stirred up and could be causing some of her problems.

As I worked through her photos, I ran across a beautiful bathroom with a very large bathtub. I admitted I was jealous. I’m a total bath girl – the bigger the bath and the more jets in the tub, the better! But I felt like I was being watched in this space, even though Shantel said this was the one place in the home where she felt safe. However, the closet door in that bathroom was closed, so I could not see into that area from this photo.

I worked my way through all the photos, performed a remote home clearing, where I mentally remote viewed the home and used energy work to clear the space – a powerful form of clearing – until I felt satisfied my work was complete and the home was clear.

Shantel emailed me back a few days later quite pleased with the results. They were sleeping much better, but she shared that they still had a few knocks, bumps and voices in the home, but on a much lesser scale than before. I asked if she would mind a home visit so I could get a close-up look, and I asked permission to bring two of my colleagues with me. They were training to do the kind of work I do, and I felt this would be an amazing opportunity for them to sharpen their proverbial paranormal teeth. Shantel agreed with much enthusiasm.

Once we all arrived at the home and said our hellos, I took Suzanne and Rhys around the home and asked them to point out any areas of concern on their radar. I showed them how to locate portals and then close them. They caught on quite quickly with the two small openings we had found. Convinced that they were far enough along to take on a room by themselves, I turned them loose in the master bedroom and bathroom while I filled the family in on what we had found and cleared in their home so far. I didn’t particularly expect they would find anything in those two remaining rooms.

A few long minutes later, neither Suzanne nor Rhys had surfaced to let me know that either things were okay in those spaces, or they had cleared them and all was well. I felt compelled to go check on them.

I entered the bedroom and found no-one. I continued into the master bathroom where I saw the both of them standing there not moving, facing the closet. They heard me enter the room and both whipped around, wide-eyed with the look of fear and shock on their faces. They both began at the same time telling me, “We can’t fix it! It won’t leave! We tried, we can’t do it!” Trying to remain calm, I asked them to calmly tell me what happened.

“The closet,” Rhys responded. “We can’t close the portal. And it keeps telling me ‘No!’” He explained that he heard a voice in his head refusing to leave the space, as commanded.

I’ll admit I was mildly excited to be able to get to the bottom of this problem; I knew how to hold an entity in place while I called on angelic assistance to usher it back to its creator. So, with clear intent and stern authority, I grabbed my pendulum out of my pocket and asked Spirit to direct me to the portal. Without hesitation, I was sent to the back right corner of the closet.

“Is this it?” I asked of the two of them. They both confirmed with head nods, still wide-eyed. I took at look at the corner and was blown away. The image I saw was picked up by my ability to remote view, as well as my physical vision, (one superimposed over the other). It was a huge pillar-like structure starting half way up the wall and protruding through the ceiling of the house. It was probably the biggest portal I had ever seen.

Standing in front of this opening was what appeared to be half man and half horse, like an enormous centaur. I invited him to leave the home, to which he adamantly refused. I told him that either he was going to leave on his own or he would be removed. Yet he resisted. At that point I lost awareness of Suzanne and Rhys – the conversation was now between me and my hoofed friend.

I had to summon the help of Archangel Michael and whichever of his angelic host he decided would be best suited for this job. While I waited for them to arrive, (I recognize the energy change as angels enter a space), I felt it necessary to hold this beast in place so it didn’t try to run before I could have him removed. He was preventing me from closing this portal and believe me, this portal HAD to be closed!

My angelic host arrived within moments, and I asked them to return this entity to its source. (Note – I don’t make a judgement call on whether or not an entity is good or evil. In his reality, he could be a saint. I simply return them to their creator and leave the whole heaven and hell debate up to the powers that be.) I then closed my eyes to get a better view of what was happening, and I both saw and felt them wrap this resistant being in a warm cloud of love and carry him out through the portal. When I felt it was gone, I mustered every bit of strength I could find and focused on closing the door between our world and theirs. My pendulum, which I use more as a visual aid that the work is being done, was whirring so fast I could hear it humming. It took a number of tries, but I was finally able to close it. I sealed it on both sides of the opening so that it could never be re-opened, and I stationed angels on both sides to protect this from ever happening again. I was energetically exhausted.

When I finished, I looked over at Rhys and Suzanne. They looked like they were both in shock. I had to keep from laughing. It’s cute when you introduce folks to the exciting world of spiritual warfare. Their expressions were priceless.

We gathered our wits, made one last check of the entire house to make sure it was clear and filled with light and love, and then rejoined the family. I gave the family instructions on smudging the home at least monthly for the next six months, and then twice a year after that to keep spiritual invaders at bay, and to keep the home energetically clean.

The next day, Shantel wrote me and asked if we had gotten everything out. She was concerned because there was still a lot of noise, and her husband felt very uncomfortable in that closet. She mentioned she couldn’t help but notice the look on Rhys’s face after he came out of the bedroom the day before. (Note to self – have Rhys work on his poker face.) I assured her that this was normal, that there was still work being done in the angelic realm, but things should settle down quite quickly. And they did.

I urged Shantel to contact me if anything else happened, and I would come back out to address her concerns, but I have not heard back from her. I’ll take that as “mission accomplished.”

If you believe your home is haunted and you feel helpless to clear it yourself, please contact me. My team and I are available in the Houston area. If you live outside Houston, Texas, I will clear your home without having to be there in person. Please see my Services page for more information.

The Andrew Awakening

It’s not often you meet someone who completely blows the lid off your perfect little world. The one you have worked on building, rearranging and tweaking until it’s just so. You think you have it all figured out, and then WHAMO! In walks someone who takes that cute little package you’ve put together for yourself and rips off all the ribbons, bows and wrapping paper, and then dumps it all over the ground in front of you. Oh, the skills that you’ve acquired in that little box are still there, but next to this person they look like toys that have spilled out of a toddler’s crumpled paper bag.

I had the immense pleasure of talking with Andrew Keith, Master of All Things Energy, Tool of the Divine, Healer, Seer, Exorcist, Jack of All Non-physical Trades. (Andrew, if you’re reading this, remember – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m beholding.)

I met Andrew this past Sunday during a podcast interview that I have the honor of co-hosting on occasion, (Higher Consciousness Radio, presented by Houston Ghost Research and James Sangster, Founder of HGR). This all came about one day as I sat at my desk with nothing much left to do for the day. I tend to contemplate life, the gifts with which we’re each endowed, and I wonder why there are so few people like me. As a medical medium, I have been on the Net to check out other medical mediums to see how they work and, well, learn their definition of “medical medium.”

In my internet traversing, I have run across those who use basic intuition and heavy medical knowledge to target a problem and then suggest herbal supplements and alternative medical treatments. These types are plentiful. But where were the ones like me, who literally see what’s going on inside someone’s body? Where were the folks who feel energy with their hands and physical bodies? And if I did find someone who does even close to what I do, why are they not also reading the energy of homes, talking to pets, hearing spirits talking to them, or having vivid, informative dreams from their guides? I gotta tell ya, I began feeling like a freak and all my childhood insecurities of being different because dead people talked to me came flooding to the surface.

This all changed a few weeks ago. I got the itch to search the web again for others like me. I pulled out my laptop and typed in the search bar, “Medical Medium.” Up popped Andrew Keith, Psychic Medium. Not an exact match, but I was intrigued enough to peruse his site. I began seeing words like, “born a natural channel and psychic,” (to which I excitedly thought, “that’s me!”). Further, I read that he does house clearings, entity removals, psychic readings, medical intuition, (ding ding ding…we have a winner!), animal communication, and the list went on. I felt like I was reading my own bio. Mind blown! Had I really found someone who does what I do? Would he even consider coming on the show for a podcast interview? Would James be interested in talking to someone like him? I had to ask.

James was completely on board, so I wasted no time getting in contact with Andrew, who I was sure would be much too busy to take time out of his life for a podcast interview. On February 25, 2018, I fired off an email to test the waters and ask for a meeting, and I closed my browser. That same day I received his response agreeing to do the show and wanting more details. My jaw dropped. Several more emails changed hands before we actually did the podcast. I was thrilled!

On Sunday, March 25th, we met via telephone and conducted our interview. I had a few questions ready for him; questions I thought were honest, thoughtful and provocative. But as he began addressing my first question, “At what age did you realize you were different?” or something along those lines, I realized I had met my match and was at a loss for what to ask next. I found myself captivated, not only by his responses but by his energy.

It’s a crazy thing to be psychic, to feel other people’s energy, hear their thoughts, and see images in the mind’s eye as you’re having a conversation with a normal person in the physical world. It’s even crazier to talk with someone whose energy vortex merges with yours as you’re trying to carry on an interview and stay grounded. As I looked around my own energy body, the entire space around me was wide open. I had gone from what I would describe as watching a movie on a screen in front of me in my mind’s eye to sitting in 360-degree-screen theater. It was like being inside a tornado, watching all the thoughts, feelings, images and emotions fly around me at lightning speed. This was new. And I wanted more.

I have to confess that I don’t remember much of what was discussed, as I was lost in the whirlwind of psychic awareness that was spinning circles around me. (I actually never remember any of the readings I do, because I’m accessing a different dimension when I’m in my zone.) While my ears and mouth were conducting that interview, the real me, the aware me was mesmerized by this playground just out of my physical reach.

We finally finished our discussion and said our goodbyes. We all agreed to keep in touch, aware of what a truly rare experience we had just encountered.

I can’t speak for Andrew or James, but it took me quite a while to ground myself after we hung up. I felt like I was going to lift up off the pavement if I took a step. I literally felt I was losing control of my physical body as I tried to walk and not look drunk. I suppose in a way I was drunk – I was under the influence of Spirit. I was high on pure energy. And what an amazing high it was!

The one important thing I gleaned from this hour-long interview was something Andrew said, and it has reverberated in my thoughts almost constantly since: “Get out of your own way.” How simple! But how profound.

I’ve decided to completely unpack my box of gifts and I’m throwing away the package. There are only so many things you can put into a box before it is full. I don’t want to fill it up. I want to fully open my awareness to Spirit and allow every experience and every nuance that Spirit wants to send my way. I have informed my guides and helpers to not hold back. To let ‘er rip! I know I’m always safe, always protected, and now I’m always ready to grow and take on new and exciting challenges.

Let the ride begin.

Please feel free to listen to our podcast of Andew’s interview on Higher Consciousness Radio.

PS – Thank you, Andy.

Dream Weaver

Just when I think I have my life figured out, my gifts catalogued, all my ducks in a row, something comes along and blows the top off my reality!

Up until about four weeks ago, I was a spirit communicator, medical medium, remote viewer, psychic medium and a dowser. (Many times I incorporate dowsing into my readings as a visual aid that what I am doing is working.) I was clear in what I could do, and knew what I was uncomfortable tackling. I tended to avoid facing off with the darker forces and non-human entities. I felt inadequate in my abilities when it came to demonology, and I preferred the cozy everyday dealings of human interactions, both spirit and embodied. Apparently, those on the other side decided it was time for me to take on another dimension in the way I use my abilities.

I guess I knew this was coming. Several years ago I was placed in the path of Brad “Little Frog” Hudson, who had a seemingly simple way of plucking demons out of homes and off people, like picking fleas off a dog. It sounded so easy, but my mind rationalized that Brad was somehow superhuman and awesomely gifted at what he does. And he certainly is! So I tipped my hat to him, sent him a few clients and went on my merry way.

Fast-forward to a month or so ago – I was at a friend’s home. She was explaining to me how she had been hexed by a close friend of hers to cause her to stop dreaming. She had previously been plagued with nightmares, so with good intentions I’m sure, a hex was placed. Zip, Zap, Zoom – no more dreams…for TEN YEARS!

She told me she wanted to dream again, to fall asleep and maybe experience life’s other stories while she slept. She hoped to dream of her parents who had passed to the other side; maybe they had messages for her. She wanted to do anything but close her eyes and wake up again with nothing in between to show for it. I agreed with her. I thought she should dream, too. So, I did the the first thing that came to my mind. I sat her down in a chair, stood behind her, held my pendulum over her head and called all her guides and angels into attendance.

When I intuitively felt her support group had arrived, I watched my pendulum begin swinging in a counter clockwise motion. I spoke out loud, “Reverse the program that was installed into Lori’s energy that prevents her from dreaming. I open that channel, clear the energy that blocks her dreams, and ask for divine assistance in repairing her ability to dream.” This is the gist of what went down. I rarely remember the words used when I channel energy, and almost never remember any readings I do. In a nutshell, I used my intent to open her ability to dream. I had chills and I knew it was working. The pendulum finally came to a stop and I felt her entourage leave. The work was done.

Lori texted me a couple of days later and told me she had dreamed for the first time in ten years! It was vivid and she was able to relate every detail to me. She has dreamed since then, normally, like we all do when we know we dreamed but might not remember the entire dream.

This was the first breakthrough to the next level of my development.

Very recently, I was shown that I could actually clear a home and a person of negative energy by using the same techniques – by using my pendulum for validation of energy movement. More importantly, I knew I now had the power and ability to remove entities, spirits, and discordant energy from people and homes with my intent. It’s a very energy-charged experience and it’s effective (based on the reactions of a few of the clients I tested this method on). I have to be honest, I was blown away. Blown away by the mere fact that it I could feel it work, and that my clients came back and told me their homes felt lighter, happier, more peaceful. I’ve worked with several clients since my new discovery and I can’t be more pleased with the results!

Have I discovered a new method of exorcism? Probably not, but on a personal level I most certainly have!

If you  have a need for a clearing, removal of entities or spirits, cancellation of a hex or curse, or just need some help removing stale and stagnant energy to bring peace back to your home, please visit my Services Page. I’m always ready to help.



In Harvey’s Wake

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and love to the beautiful souls who checked in on me and offered help and donations as my family and I endured Harvey’s wrath.

When we saw reports on the news of Hurricane Harvey slowly making its way toward us from Corpus Christi and witnessed (via TV) its destruction, I have to be honest, I thought it would diminish in its violent assault as most normal storms do. The only problem in my thinking was that Harvey was no normal storm. Harvey was a lingering beast that dumped millions of gallons of water over areas of Corpus, Rockport, Port Aransas and points east, including my hometown, Houston, and continued its rampage through Lousiana and then headed northeast.

I intuitively felt that my immediate family and neighborhood would, for the most part, be fine. I was right. We did fare very well considering how everyone else did. People lost their homes and everything in them. They woke in the middle of the night to waist-deep water, living the nightmare that only victims of this horrific storm can fathom.

Yes, we were spared from total destruction, but other issues set in for us. We could not return to work for more than  a week because our places of employment were under water or located in areas we could not access because the roads and highways were flooded or damaged.

As an intuitive, I felt the emotions of Harvey’s victims; the sadness, anger, devastation, hopelessness, confusion, and scattered thoughts as people raced to save themselves and everyone around them. And the depression.

But, with all this said, I know that I – that we as humans together in this disaster – have people who love us and who check on us, and do what they can to help us in whatever form that help takes. It’s not wasted, believe me. To know that we’re not forgotten means everything.

And I can’t be more proud of the people of Houston, of the State of Texas, and the surrounding states for rushing to our aid. It has been an amazing and mind-boggling experience to see people jump to action. Even those who had to rescue their own families ran back out and worked for days – are still working out there today as I write this – to rescue those who still need saving. I’m in awe at the outpouring of love and care that has surfaced from this terrible experience.

My husband I really didn’t know how to help – there was/is so much need everywhere we look. We did what we were able to do and addressed a need that was evident everywhere. We put the trailer on the Jeep and headed to our Costco. We loaded up the trailer with several cases of water and drove through neighborhoods where people were ripping their homes apart to begin the repairs. They were hot, thirsty and tired. I felt blessed to be able to at least help with their thirst. Their heartfelt gratitude was palpable. I still don’t feel like we did enough, but I have to accept that we did enough for the handful of people we were able to help.

I’m not even sure how to end this post except to say that I truly love each and every one you who wrote in to check on me and my family, and for your donations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care, your support and most of all for your love. And as I’ve told you before, please don’t hesitate to email me with any of your concerns. I’m always here.



A Little Graditude

I’ve probably read every book there is about manifesting your own desires. I’ve seen The Secret, absorbed the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer until my pores oozed of loving my fellow man, and devoured the teachings of the Tao te Ching. And I’ve learned only one thing from all of my searching – without pure love and gratitude for the people and things that we currently have in our lies, and for those things we desire, we have nothing.

I’ve spent the past year or so struggling with rebuilding my business after going on sabbatical for a few months, with little progress to show for all my effort. I knew there was an elemental piece missing in my many attempts to manifest, but I couldn’t put my finger on just what that piece could be.

Yes, I knew that being thankful for what I have and what I desire to have in my life was very important, but I finally realized that the Universe doesn’t respond to lip service. So, I started practicing what I preach.

First, “When you pray, pray in.” That is, when you talk to God/Universe, approach from a place inside your being. This is where that core of our creator resides. Not somewhere in the great unknown, but inside us.

Second, instead of telling the Universe “Thank you!” with your mouth, feel it from deep inside your being. If you’re doing it right, you’ll literally fill up with a feeling of gratitude, love and joy. You won’t be able to help it. I actually find myself giggling and squealing like a little girl when the emotions flow from my core of love.

Third, if you’ve allowed true gratitude to fill you, sit back and watch your desires manifest before your eyes. You might be presented with opportunities, which you’ll need to act on in order to manifest what you want, but those desires will come to you. As you give to the Universe (love, gratitude, joy), the Universe gives back to you. This also works in the reverse. If you put out anger, hatred and darkness, you’ll get that returned to you, as well. The Universe is not a respecter of persons. It responds to our strong emotions and deep feelings.

I encourage you to try what I’ve shared. Like me, you’ll be amazed at the response of love that comes back to you!


A Sign of Encouragement

I wanted to share a really cool experience I had yesterday, Mother’s Day. I was having an off day. My kids were working and my husband isn’t the most demonstrative when it comes to gift-giving. I was a little down and I suppose my Spirit Family felt it.

I was standing at my kitchen sink, gazing out the window toward the back yard at nothing in particular. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something floating on the air. It was a small white feather. Under any other circumstances seeing a white feather floating by wouldn’t mean anything significant. We have birds everywhere; lots of pigeons, blue jays, cardinals, robins and such.

What made this feather unique was that it wafted from the west side of my back yard, and then across the patio and behind our patio table. Normally I would have expected it to slowly drift toward the ground, but it remained high above the table umbrella, when suddenly it began making a sharp and sudden southward turn toward where I was standing. Its path bent around the table umbrella! It was then carried in a direct path all the way to my kitchen window and was then gently lowered as if being carefully placed onto the white wicker chair where I sit to watch the birds or throw toys for my dogs.

And the kicker – as it got closer to where I was standing, the sun shone on it and it lit up so brightly that I had trouble keeping my eyes on it. It was literally glowing in the brightest white I had ever seen.

My point is that the family and loved ones we have on the other side are always aware of what’s going on with us. They are there to encourage us, cheer us on, and send us signs of love when we are feeling down or even to share in an important life event. Pay attention to the little things – the butterflies that flutter up and land on your shoe, the dragon flies that circle your head, the shiny pennies that appear in odd places where only you will find them, or that special song that plays on the radio and speaks to your very soul. These are the words of encouragement, the symbols of love and the gentle nudges from the Spirit World telling you everything will be okay.

(photo of the actual feather)

David’s Story: “It Was An Accident!”

In the Fall of 2012 I was contacted by a woman who needed a health reading. I met her at her home after many back and forth emails to  make sure I felt safe going there alone.

 She was a pleasure and a joy to work with and I was easily able to complete her reading. When we finished and I was gearing down to hit the road for home, she casually mentioned that she and her teen-aged boys had been losing sleep and waking up at different times during the night. She reported blankets being taken off them while they were sleeping, being poked, feeling watched, and hearing footsteps running across the attic, to name only a few of her concerns. She asked me if maybe I could help.

 Since I was already in her home I obliged and then took a few moments to close my eyes and check out her house with a remote visit, which is to say that I, from where I was seated in her home, had a look around Trisha’s place using clairvoyance.

 What I found was what seemed to be either a male teen and a younger, preteen girl, or a form that appeared to have one superimposed over the other – the female over the male.

I felt very different energies from both. Almost immediately, I knew from the male that he had a story that he needed to tell before he would move on. I felt that there was some sort of a gun accident, but that was all I could get…until I was able to talk with him one on one.

I use many different tools to gather information from Spirit, but on this occasion I chose to use my pendulum and dowsing chart (sort of like a Ouija board, but not). I pulled out a paper chart I had crafted with the alphabet scribbled across it, and started to explain to Trisha what I was about to do.

Before I could even get a word out of my mouth, the pendulum began swinging to the following letters: M-E-E-T-M-E-U-P-S-T… and I finished the sentence by saying, “Meet me upstairs. Well, I guess that’s our cue.” I felt bad for my new client and friend. I’m not sure she had ever seen a dowsing session, and I was not given enough time to properly explain the process before we were summoned upstairs.

A word of caution – I am very skilled at dowsing, and I use protection, not only for myself, but also for my clients. Please visit a reputable dowsing site, (MirrorWaters is an excellent resource), to learn the dos and don’ts before trying this on your own. In inexperienced hands dowsing can be a problematic practice, because you may not know who is attached to the other end of the energy tether.

We arrived upstairs and I was pulled to a bedroom to the west of the upstairs. When I say I was “pulled,” I mean it was a feeling like I belonged up there, like a craving, if you will, and I followed this “craving” until I reached the room that seemed to be calling me. According to Trisha, this was the room where most of the activity had taken place. We sat for a few moments and the impressions began flooding my thoughts.

I began by asking my unseen friend to slow down a bit and explain to me what he wanted me to know. He seemed very excited to finally have someone to talk to, and he was throwing out so much information so quickly that I could barely catch what he was saying. And then, I clearly heard (in my thoughts), “It was an accident! Tell them it was an accident!” Then almost immediately I heard, “It was NOT a suicide!” I was shown a picture of a gunshot to the head and then a feeling of bewilderment, as to say, “What just happened?” He told me, “Tell them it was an accident. Tell them I’m okay. Tell them I love them.”

Visually, I saw a young man, not more than 20 years old if he were alive today, with brown hair, light eyes, thin build, and hair just below his neckline. He appeared to me wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved jersey-style tee shirt. His demeanor was very sweet, and he felt to me that he truly cared for people and their feelings.

Using my intuition, I tried to get his name, which worried me some, because at that state of my psychic development, I wasn’t really good at getting full names. But I did hear “Thomas.” I didn’t feel that this was his name, so I pulled out my paper chart, which had been folded and stuffed back into my pocket. I verbally asked him his name: “D-A-V-I-D.” Now, we were getting somewhere! A moment or two later he spelled out his last name (withheld for privacy).

I asked David if there was anyone around who might be able to help us locate his family. The pendulum began to swing in a clockwise direction, indicating “Yes.”

Trisha began spilling out names of people she knew in the area. We figured if David was at her house, there was a good possibility that the people he was trying to reach lived within a close proximity to her.

When she got to the name “Wilbur,” I felt him give me a very strong Yes! Trisha agreed to talk to Wilbur to help locate David’s family so we could pass his messages on to them. Wilbur did confirm that a young man, David, had died in that neighborhood and he had hung around with a good friend named Thomas. We gathered all the information we could in that span of time, and it was time to close out our session.

A few days later I received an email from Trisha. Not only had she found David’s obituary, but she had located his father who lived in her very own neighborhood, less than a quarter of a mile from her home. She decided to pay him a visit.

He was understandably skeptical, but she made it clear that she was there for David, not him. He told her that his son had committed suicide, and this was where it got interesting. Trisha described David as I had seen him, and told his father that his son had not committed suicide, but that it was a terrible accident.

David had explained to me, with visual images and strong feelings, that one second he was here and with the very next beat of his heart he was on the other side and in shock over what had just happened. He told me there was no pain; he was just instantly out of his body. My client explained all this to his father, who agreed that some of what she said had made sense. I’m willing to bet a lot more made sense than he wanted to admit. Trisha said the dad appeared very worn, even sick. My gut and common sense told me that David’s death caused a terrible rift in their family, one that destroyed its foundations with both blame and guilt, and he could not rest without them knowing the truth.

 As informative as David was with his own story, he claimed no responsibility for waking Trisha’s boys at night. But this is another story for another time.

David’s Obituary:

“David P., (last name omitted for privacy), was born September 16, 1983 in Houston, Texas to Lynn and Vera. David passed from this life on September 11, 2003 at the age of 19 years. He will be remembered as a person who thought of the needs and wants of others before himself. David had a brilliant mind, a bright soul, and a beautiful smile; all of these will never be forgotten by all those who knew and loved him. He leaves behind his parents, Vera and Lynn; brother, Christopher; sister, Kimberly; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as his very best friend, Arturo O. A gathering of friends for visitation will be held Sunday, September 14, 2003 from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. A memorial service to celebrate and remember David’s life will be held on Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 3:00 pm with Bill Fehmer, officiating. In lieu of flowers, David’s family has requested memorials be made to the David P. Memorial Fund, in Care of Cypress-Fairbanks Funeral Home, 9926 Jones Road Houston, Texas 77065.”