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My name is Lori West.

I am a life-long medium, remote viewer and spiritual mediator. The scope of what do entails reading the energy of people, places and objects, visiting places or people several hundreds or thousands of miles from where I sit, (distance is not an issue), and act as an intermediary between our world and those who live in the beyond. As of late, I work at clearing homes and people of discordant energy, remove entities and spirits from homes, locate and close portals, and other tasks as lead by Spirit. I work closely with the Angelic realm.

I have many years of experience in spirit communication, beginning at the age of nine years old. As a remote viewer, I can visit any space anywhere without traveling to that place. All my work is done using some form of remote viewing. The reason I can do this is because all energy is connected. I can tap into any energy and clear it or change it to become more compatible with those with whom it is connected. Once I make a connection with your energy or the energy of a place, (using a photo), I am locked in and the work begins.

Please feel free to move around the site and send me any questions you have regarding your needs or what it is I do. I try to respond within 3-5 business days.

Thank you for stopping by.

~Home Clearing and Entity Removal~

"Your work is much appreciated. We slept FANTASTIC last night. We weren't sure why, just thought we were all finally worn out enough to sleep hard, but my daughter only "peeped" once last night and it was a calm waking. The previous nights she had been screaming upon waking or not waking at all and just screaming, which we thought were night terrors. She did none of that last night. She only woke up once, calmly asked for some milk and snuggled back down. We all slept hard! Thank you so much!

  • ~Spirit Communication~
    "I feel so lucky to have Lori in my life. She has brought a level of peace that allows me to keep moving and never be scared in my own home. If you are experiencing a feeling of being watched, your dog is acting strange and staring at nothing, lights are flickering, or you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye, then you may have company, too. Lori's approach is calm, gentle, and the sense of peace and understanding is remarkable. After one visit you have your answer and how to overcome the situation." (Read "David's Story" Blog)