Hi there!
     My name is Lori. I’m here because I have what you might call a few extra little gifts. I could never imagine being able to see places thousands of miles away from where I sit, to hear and feel what other people are thinking and feeling, or have full-on conversations with the dead and NOT share them with you!
     I’ve been blessed with being able to help hundreds of people over the years and in all parts of the globe with my gifts. I’m not boasting or bragging – I just want you to know that I can help you with pretty much any issue you have going on in your life.
     Have you lost a loved one? Let me see if I can be their voice for you. Do you have a health problem that doctors haven’t been able to figure out? Let me take a look inside your body and tell you what’s going on, so you can get the help you need. Are you out of a job and need to know what to do next? Please ask me.
     It doesn’t matter what your religion, belief system, mental state or anything else that ties you to your physical form. Because NONE of what I do takes place on a physical level. I work in the spiritual plane…heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul.
     I’ve been told by people on the other side that when they got there, they become “aware.” Aware of everything around them, and aware of everyone connected to their loved ones (relationships, acquaintances, friendships, business partners), because every person that we come in contact with is here to work out a purpose in our lives, and vice versa. Those on the other side KNOW this when they get there, and they are more than willing to help guide us on our paths, so we make it out relatively unscathed. I know this because they TOLD me.
     And I KNOW that it’s my purpose to help YOU on your path with a word of encouragement, a nudge in the right direction, or to share a message of love to you from the other side.
     I’m here to help, and I welcome your presence in my life.
     I can be reached at lonestarmediumlori@gmail.com if you have any questions or want more information on my services. If you need some help with something that’s not listed, please shoot me an email and we’ll work something out.
     I can’t wait to meet you!